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Dedicated to Bob January
A mixed bag of the LATEST NEWS !

Archived:  11-23-2007


Words of remembrance by Marge Silverthorn 

My Bob was a very special friend with whom I shared countless phone conversations over a period of about 15 years.    

Bob January and his wife Betsy, along with their Springer Spaniel, Duncan, entered my life on a cool spring day in the middle of a field among hunting enthusiasts and Springer Spaniel lovers. Neither Bob, nor I wanted to hunt with our Springers,  I was there because it was a Springer Club event and I was the President, and Bob and Betsy traveled over 2 hours to meet other Springer owners.  Only a couple of hours passed and Bob and Betsy were ready to jump in and help Springer Rescue, a program to help Springers in need of new and loving homes.  Hearing of a Springer in a local shelter, they left the event early to stop at the shelter and bail out that dog and therein began the commitment to our Springer Rescue Program.  Countless dogs over the years were fostered by Bob and Betsy until new homes for them could be found.  While under Bob’s care, each dog learned the joy of the freedom of long hikes on the Appalachian Trail, and the responsibility that comes with such freedom, that is listening to, and staying with Bob. 

Meanwhile the phone conversations began to give me updates on each dog’s progress but then we digressed and each and every conversation was an education for me, Bob was an unending wealth of information and I, a most willing listener and learner.  For this tone deaf third grade teacher, the other love of Bob, his music, was a complete unknown, but Bob never gave up on enriching and broadening my knowledge of music, even if it was to sing to me on the phone.  The highlight of my musical “lessons” took place after Bob suffered a stroke.  He was to play at the Plaza hotel at the Cotillion Ball and Betsy could not be there for the rehearsal and Bob worried that he would not be able to clearly communicate his needs with strangers.   I joined him for the afternoon, discovered that I could enjoy music and was awed by his talent as a musician and as a conductor.  It was a most special afternoon with Bob, and another memory of him which will always be with me. 

Bob brought ESSCLI-Rescue into the 21st century by creating our first web site, I didn’t even own a computer, Bob created the page, answered the inquiries and kept me informed via phone or copies sent in the mail.  That web page can still be found at: http://www.bobjanuary.com/essrhp.htm 

My Bob was my friend, my teacher, my inspiration especially after his stroke, showing me that nothing can stop a person from accomplishing what they want to do.  My Bob will live in my heart and mind forever and I can only hope that we will meet again, across that Rainbow Bridge in God’s Garden where our beloved Springers are after they have left this earthly life.  And when we do meet again, Bob will make me laugh, Bob will sing to me, maybe even teach me to dance, and we will be surrounded by our dogs, our friends, and Bob’s music. 

Many of our volunteers in the early years of rescue came to know Bob.  Brooks Parrott told me of her meeting Bob at a vet’s office with a rescue dog.  Bob began to sing to her and kneel in front of her to tie her shoe lace, while another time at his home as they were awaiting the arrival of another volunteer; Bob played a recording of his own big band music and whisked her around the dance floor (open spaces) in his very large home.  Upon hearing that I recall thinking it is good it was not I, as he would have very sore feet if he danced with his friend Marge with 3 left feet and no coordination! 

Laurie Hildebrandt of NH shared the following recently: 

I can see him crossing that Rainbow Bridge to follow all those old Springers into happiness! 

My story about Bob has to do with one of those midnight Springer Spaniel pickup moments that we know so well....I was to meet Bob in Rensselaer, NY to pick up Toby, who he was bringing to me for adoption. He was in town for a music thing at a little church-turned-studio. I'd never been to Rensselaer and he e-mailed me instructions on how to get there. I arrived at the appointed hour and realized that it was nothing short of miraculous, since the place was in the middle of a neighborhood far off the beaten path! The directions were to a T! And then there was my first impression of the larger-than-life Bob January: he greeted me like a long lost friend, even if I was only just another Springer lover gone mad.

That meeting was enough to put me on his e-mail address list and keep me checking on him for years to come! 

And Ellen Oppenheimer from NJ, summed it all up with:  

Good souls come to peace and eternal love of family and friends.


Archived:  11-29-2007

When Jon met Highland Charlie, no one foresaw the trials that lay ahead for both of them. 
Charlie, a liver-and- white Springer, was lucky to be alive.  For all his nine years he had lived with an owner who had never trained him to walk on a leash.  As the owner grew older and shakier, he found Charlie too hard to handle on icy sidewalks, took him to a veterinarian , and said, "I want you to put this dog down." The veterinarian refused: "he's too nice a dog."  That was stroke of luck #1.  And the owner's son brought #2: he called the ESSCLI Rescue. Read more about Charlie  and see how you can help!

Charlie and others need your help!
A lucky dog - almost put down and very sick Charlie was in dire need of love and medical care. Because of a few caring and generous people, Charlie is getting the care he needs to give his story a happy ending. Please help Charlie and other dogs like him by supporting rescue.

Charlie's Story

We asked for Highland Charlie's genealogy (both his grandparents were show dogs), a photo, and medical records. Jon, who was looking for a dog, met Charlie at his owner's house and agreed to adopt him and take him home to the Bronx.   That was stroke of luck #3.  And in Charlie's case it's three strikes and you're in . . . in good hands. 

The vet’s records had mentioned a hernia, but the photo hadn’t shown it.  When Jon first saw the hernia, it didn’t strike him as serious either. He had had another Springer who had been operated on for a hernia.  “It was 10 days all up all in, and he was good as new. When I saw Charlie out in Jersey, I didn’t have any idea it was as bad as it was.”  

Still, despite the owner’s assurances – “A vet has told me the hernia doesn’t hurt the dog” – Jon and his friend Kira, who had come along with him, quickly realized that Highland Charlie was in pain.  He needed medical care – and he needed to get away from his owner and his son.  “Kira and I were afraid that they were going to do him in if we didn’t take him that day.”

Jon quickly arranged for his own veterinarian to examine Charlie. By the time they reached the clinic, Charlie’s plight was obvious: the hernia had pushed his bladder outside his body.    “The entire clinic,” Jon said, “was shocked, appalled, and amazed.”                      

Surgery was mandatory  . . . and major: the incision was almost eight inches long.  Charlie had to stay at the clinic for two weeks so that his condition could be observed.  Complications did arise: trouble urinating, the need for catheterization, bloody urine, risk of damage to the bladder, pain, and “quite a cocktail of pain meds including a dermal-path-based narcotic.  For several days he had essentially no control of his bowels.  The diarrhea irritated his skin.” 

When Charlie was well enough to leave the clinic, he still wasn’t able, Jon said, “to pee properly.  But my vet thinks that if we just let nature take its course and if I have him at home where I can give him some really long walks, the pipes may start working.”   

Then Jon got the veterinarian’s bill for the intensive care Charlie had needed: A small fortune! 

ESSCLI - Rescue has offered to help with some of the horrendous expenses and is trying to raise funds to do so.   

But Charlie’s (and Jon’s) problems aren’t over yet.  “He’s much happier now,” Jon says.  “Now that the hernia’s fixed, he can sit down without the pain he was feeling before.  He actually looked confused the first dozen or so times he sat down without pain.  He would sit down gingerly, expecting to have it hurt; and when it didn’t, he had the funniest look on his face—sort of like ‘Hey, what’s going on here?’” 

Charlie finds city life “exciting.”  Jon explains that word: “Charlie pulls like a tractor, but I’m working on that.”  Charlie has lost a lot of weight, but his appetite is reviving. 

“He pretty much has relearned how to poop although he’s a bit messy still,” Jon says.  “A week ago the poop was just leaking out.  What a mess, let me tell you!  If he saw me approaching with anything remotely resembling a paper towel, a baby wipe, or Kleenex, he would leap up, spin around, and lift his tail. 

“Peeing is still a problem.  He has largely no control over his bladder and doesn’t pee without helper drugs.  And when they really get the pipes flowing, the pee just leaks out.  He’ll go to sleep and wake up in a puddle.  He doesn’t seem to be aware of what’s happening.  I’ve dedicated a futon to him.  I’m getting very good at mopping and dog-washing.”   

Jon is adjusting Charlie’s medicines to normalize his urination.   

“Charlie and I continue to muddle on,” Jon says.  “He’s still got a lot of healing to do, but there is a night-and-day difference between two weeks ago and now.  His spirits are high, and he seems to enjoy it here.”   


Can you help?

We are asking any one who can contribute even the smallest amount to let us know. Your donation will be met with sloppy Springer kisses and unconditional love and gratitude.

If you can help, please send your donation marked "For Highland Charlie" to:

English Springer Spaniel Club of  Long Island - Rescue
163 Academy Street
Bayport, NY 11705

Checks should be made out to ESSCLI - Rescue

Thank you for supporting our wonderful breed !


Archived Tidbits

Archived:  2-21-2008
Once again this year ESSCLI-Rescue will be raffling off a number of items at the Garden State Specialties at The Meadowlands in February, 2008.

This year we have some VERY special items.  We are pleased to offer another handmade quilt. This quilt is a dog motif in subtle browns and black.

(click picture to enlarge)

If you would like to purchase raffle tickets for this quilt, click here, for a printable copy of the tickets. (tickets)


Our second raffle is a Top Performance rolling tack box.

  • Telescoping handle and wheels for easy portability.
  • Six locking latches keep tools secure.
  • Inside drawer, dividers, and pockets organize supplies.
  • Top level detaches for easy access to bottom compartment.
  • Extra Large Tool Case measures 16 1/2"L x 8 3/4"W x 31"H

    (click picture to enlarge)

If you would like to purchase raffle tickets for this tack box, click here, for a printable copy of the tickets. (tickets)
We would like to make these raffles available to all of our supporters.  The raffle tickets are $1.00 each, 6/$5.00, 12/$10.00 & 25/$20.00.  The minimum order from the site is $5.00.
Alternately you can just use plain paper and include all info required on the ticket.  Send your checks made payable to ESSCLI-Rescue along with the completed tickets (or information on plain paper) to:
  Marge Silverthorn
163 Academy St.
Bayport, NY  11705

Checks MUST be received by February 6th.

ADDITIONALLY this year we have some super auction items.  As many of you know we have a number of “Silent” Auction items each year.  This year is no exception.  But THIS year we have some very new and different items that you might want to bid on.  Each of these items can be shipped, so you may bid on them “from afar”.

Our first item for Friday is:

(click picture to enlarge)

A framed liver and white springer limited edition lithograph entitled The Excitement of an English Springer Spaniel by Heidi Choquette.  It is #45 of 700 and was originally published in 1993. It measures 16 x 20 plus framing and has a certificate of authenticity inside.  We will be starting the bidding at $100.00.  This will be auctioned off on Friday, February 8th.
Winning bid was::

Second, to be auctioned off on Saturday, February 9th is an original oil:

(click picture to enlarge)

This is a vinatge portrait of a Pembroke boy named Tucker by Connie LeMonde and the original photo with name and DOB is attached. It measures 16x20 plus framing. This is framed with no glass.  This is not a print, but the actual oil painting. This also starts at $100.00.
Winning bid was:

(click picture to enlarge)

And last but not least.  Taking bids BOTH days is a Rob Sataloe original cartoon.

Rob drew this cartoon for ESSCLI-Rescue to use on our website and then donated it to be auctioned off with the proceeds to go to rescue.

We have put it in a temporary glass frame as it is not only signed, but has a special note on the back. It is NOT however professionally framed or matted just waiting for YOUR special touches!

We will start the bidding at $40.00 for Rob’s original cartoon.
Winning bid was:

If you wish to email your bid in advance, please email it to Ndana101@aol.com.  Please include your name, item you wish to bid on, the amount of your bid and a phone number where you can be reached if need be.  We will keep the bidders updated (kinda like EBAY!).  If you are the winner and you are not at the show, you will be asked to send a check to rescue for the amount of your winning bid.  If we do not receive it by March 1st , the auction will go the second highest bidder.

We will be able to take bids until 10 PM est Tuesday February 5th via email.  But certainly if you are there in person, it will be even more fun.  We might not be able to keep people updated on the bidding during judging, but we will do our best!

Have fun and happy bidding!

Archived:  11-17-2007

      Greetings again from the "dog house".  And boy am I in the dog house with Rolex.  I made a clerical error on my entry to Westminister and he was rejected because of me… No matter how much steak or expensive toys I give him, I still don't think he will ever forgive me.  You see, he knows James (the Best in Show winner) and I think secretly he wanted to be there to congratulate him in person.  So anyway, the next time your furkid acts like he's mad at you, you can feel comforted in knowing that you aren't the only one!

      And now on to more important things.  I am just back from the GSA shows in Secaucus, New Jersey where English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island sponsored two specialties.  We were able to have a rescue boutique and the volunteers helped Marge and I put on the hospitality tailgate party for the exhibitors.  The two days were a huge success… not in the least because of our dedicated volunteers.  I would be lost without you folks these days.  Thank you to Diane and Doug Richardson, Joy Sarnelli, Lori and Jesse Miller, Beckie, Nathaniel and Abie Hansell, Jon Webster and Kira , Becky Stowe, Julie Ruth, Cathy Brooks and Rosemarie Fugit (who helped set up on Thursday night).


Archived:  2-14-2007

On June 23 & 24, 2006, ESSCLI - Rescue manned a boutique table at the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Specialties in Warwick, Rhode Island.  A number of people from our organization helped staff the table throughout the weekend, helping to make it a very successful event.  Our new rescue apron made its debut there and was a big success.  You can now see the apron on the boutique page of this website. Boutique 

Showing their support for rescue (and doing double duty at the Eastern raffle table) were Beckie Hansell, of Ambler, and Carol Ziegler of Huntingdon Valley, PA accompanied by Penny, Carol Pinkans of Colonie, NY with Will and Grace; Jim LaMarque and Whoppa of North Yarmouth, Maine;  Jim Hamilton, a supporter of rescue from Middletown, NJ; Diane and Doug Richardson and Guiness (always supporting us !), Wil Pelchat, his wife, his daughter Wendy and her husband, Chad Brinkman.  Will was an invaluable help to Nanci  LaMarque and Carol Hamilton while they were preparing their Springers to compete in the breed competition on Saturday. 

A number of the volunteers spent the night at the show and joined the dog show participants at the Friday night banquet.  It was a very nice night for rescue.  Whoppa Gillespie of Bordeaux, Maine's rescue representative, received an award for achieving his Canine Good Citizen award (CGC).  Whoppa's mom is Nanci LaMarque, our adoption/surrender coordinator.
Cynthia Gilliland's, Charles, received an award for completing his rally title.  Charles was adopted from ESSCLI-Rescue on June 21 1998.  Charles, is the most titled adopted rescue dog in ESSCLI. AND our newest member of the volunteer staff, Becky Hansell won the evening's raffle… A lovely Springer afghan.   

We thank you all for helping out… this has recently become an annual event and the bigger it has gotten, the more help we have needed.  You all helped make the weekend fun and profitable for rescue.  Thanks !

Archived:  2-15-2007

A Special Donation 

On October 27, 2006 Benita McMullen & Sally McCadden delivered a quilt to Portland, Maine as a donation to English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island - Rescue.  

Sally and Benni adopted Eeyore on October 19, 2002.  Eeyore crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2006.  They wanted to donate something in her memory.   Benni lovingly made a quilt in Eeyore's honor. read about Eeyore

ESSCLI Rescue will be raffling this quilt off at the Garden State Specialties at The Meadowlands in February, 2007. 

The quilt is a doghouse motif in wonderful primary colors.  It is sized to fit a double bed and the backing is white with pastel dogs cavorting over it.
Attached with ribbons to the front are wonderful stuffed dogs (yes those are black tri-colored Springers!)  They can be removed if needed, but make a wonderful addition to the quilt.   

We would like to make this raffle available to all of our supporters.  The raffle tickets are $1.00 each, 6/$5.00, 12/$10.00 & 25/$20.00.
The minimum order from the site is $5.00.  If you would like to purchase raffle tickets for this quilt, click here, for a printable copy of the tickets. (tickets)

Alternately you can just use plain paper and include all info required on the ticket.  Send your checks made payable to ESSCLI-Rescue along with the completed tickets (or information on plain paper) to:

Marge Silverthorn
163 Academy St.
Bayport, NY  11705

Remember, you do not need to be present to win!

Hurry... your raffle tickets must be received by Thursday, February 8th !!!!!!!!!!!!


Archived The Bones

Archived:  5-29-2007

Our Newest Volunteer
Beckie Hansell

All of us here at ESSCLI-Rescue would like to welcome Beckie Hansell to our volunteer staff.

Beckie and her family, husband Al, daughters Leah and Abie, and son Nathanael, adopted Penny in November of 2005.  Their family lives in Ambler, PA.

In February, Beckie and the girls joined us at Garden State Specialties in Secaucus, NJ where we sponsor a boutique table and put on a tailgate party for the exhibitors each year.  They sold more raffle tickets than anyone in current history.  In fact, we EVEN ran out of tickets!!!

Beckie and her friend Carol also joined us at the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Specialties in Warwick, Rhode Island; once again, working the crowd with a smile!

Although at this point Beckie doesn't have a specific job title here at rescue, you will find her doing many different things.  When one of our volunteers is away, or needs a hand, Beckie is our "Gal Friday", taking over their job.  She is also the contact person for our latest program, Anne's Choice Adoptions, a program designed to help place dogs with residents of a local senior community in Warminster, PA.  This program was setup by another of our volunteers, Drew Graham.

We welcome Beckie to our midst knowing that she will continue to add invaluable skills for years to come.


Archived The Gravy





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